Hydration Brands YTD Spend Report: August 2023

Below you'll find a chart of hydration brands (drinks, powders, etc) and their spending habits in digital and TV. The pursuit of hydration in the US (and of preventing/getting rid of those pesky hangovers) has exploded in the last few years and more brands are getting into the crowded field. While some key contacts are provided below, visit the Winmo profiles of the brands (via links) to find additional contacts that could get you on the road to revenue in the coming months!


Brand Edge Leads YTD Digital FY 2022 Digital FY 2021 Digital YTD TV FY 2022 TV FY 2021 TV
Bai Flavored Water N/A $5.5m $1.6m $3.4m x x x
BodyArmor Edge Lead $4m $7.7m $7.7m x x x
Bolt24 N/A $0 $0 $6m $0 $0 $12.6m
Cure Edge Lead $141.7k $138.2k $380.7k x x x
Essentia Water Edge Lead $1.6m $5.7m $10m x x x
Gatorade Edge Lead $22.5m $60m $36.3m $45m $53.3m $43m
Harmless Harvest Coconut Water N/A $323k $536kk $500k x x x
Liquid IV N/A $11.9m $16.5m 13.3m $0 $917.7k $0
Mio N/A $600 $1.7m $6.8m $0 $396.3k $4m
Nuun Sport N/A $2.9m $3.6m $2.7m x x x
Pedialyte N/A $16.6m $16.6m $16.7m $5.8m $19.3m $29m
Powerade Edge Lead $633.4k $461.7k $5.4m $11.7m $11m $23.7m
Propel Edge Lead $639.8k $3m $7.6m $4.1m $9.4m $6.5m
Roar Organic N/A $207.5k $778.3k $512.2k x x x
Six Star Edge Lead $575.7k $72.5k $487.2k $18.7k $0 $0
Vita Coco Edge Lead $42.7k $829k $1.2m x x x
Vitaminwater Edge Lead $5m $7.8m $13.8m $1.6m $3m $3m