Lego launches girl-oriented campaign amid media review (Score 19)

Sales Lead: In the midst of an AOR search, Lego launched a campaign geared toward girls.

  • The campaign shows how much fun and freedom girls have when they can play with whatever toys they want, even things considered "for boys" such as soccer, gaming, playing outside, or building with Legos.
  • It also involves women's soccer support, which includes a playset that features stars such as Yuki Nagasato, Megan Rapinoe, Sam Kerr, and Asisat Oshoala.
  • The campaign was made by Lego's in-house team.
  • As part of the "Play Unstoppable" platform, the ad will be available on Lego's website with support on the players' social media platforms.
  • The company will likely:
    • Pursue additional female athlete influencer partnerships
    • Continue bolstering efforts to reach more girls
    • Keep increasing digital spend
    • Conclude the ongoing media review soon
    • Conduct additional agency partners once it does so
  • Target demographic
    • A very wide target demographic ranging from Gen Alpha through Gen-X

Additional spending insights:

  • Broadcast insights (TV ad creative spend, effectiveness, impressions, and performance)
    • YTD spend: So far this year, Lego has spent approximately $8.4m on national TV commercials, down 5% from the approximately $8.8m spent within the same 2022 timeframe.
    • Last year: The company spent around $28.8m on this channel last year and 3% less, around $27.8m, in 2021.around $28.8m on this channel last year and 3% less, around $27.8m, in 2021.
    • 2023 ad programming: Lego's 2023 commercials have targeted Gen Alpha watching shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, Teen Titans Go!, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Big City Greens.
  • Digital and social insights (digital ad spend, effectiveness, impressions, and performance)
    • YTD spend: The company has allocated roughly $7.9m toward digital ads YTD, 16% more than the roughly $6.8m allocated by this point last year.
    • YTD data: Since the beginning of 2023, Lego has earned ~973m digital impressions via Instagram (47%), Facebook (25%), YouTube (18%), desktop display (9%), and desktop video (1%) ads.
    • Last year: In 2022, the company's estimated full-year spend reached $35.7m, 35% more than that of $26.5m in 2021.
  • Additional channel insights  
    • The company utilizes Google Ads along with print, local broadcast, digital, OOH, radio, Facebook, Twitter, and online video (via, Youtube Android, and Youtube IOS) ads.
    • Lego sponsors podcasts such as Hidden Brain and ZM's Fletch, Vaughan & Hayley.

Additional agency insights:

  • Opportunity: If you haven't yet done so, reach out soon to participate in Lego's ongoing media review.
    • The company may conduct additional agency reviews once this one concludes.
    • You may especially benefit from offering multicultural services down the road since Lego no longer seems to work with its former multicultural agency partner, Iyuno.
  • Current agency roster:

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