Male Millennial Opps Update: Samsung launches Discord channel

Update: Samsung Electronics recently took another step into Web 3.0 by launching a server on Discord, a messaging platform often used by metaverse enthusiasts. Through a partnership with Razorfish, Samsung designed the server for fans, gamers and creators to interact and access products, events, NFTs and more. From June 7-10, Samsung will also automatically enter fans for a chance to be selected at random for daily product giveaways. The goal is to engage fans at a deeper level and reward them for that ongoing engagement. We'll likely see promotional activity around the Discord server launch, so sellers should contact soon to secure last-minute ad dollars.

Samsung currently targets a wide target demographic skewing toward millennial men. It's utilizing national TV, digital, paid social, podcast, radio, OOH, print and local broadcast. Read more details about its recent spend in the article below.

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The article below was originally published on April 25:

Samsung Electronics recently celebrated Earth Day with the launch of a new line of sustainable cases, smart watch bands and a few complimentary watch faces. The products were made with 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials thanks to plant-based designer Sean Wotherspon.

This is far from Samsung's first sustainability effort; in fact, the company is just picking up speed. It's made its products, packaging and manufacturing processes more sustainable and environmentally friendly over the past several years and uses 100% renewable energy sources in many of its worksites globally. It's also increased the usage of recyclable materials in its products to reduce its carbon footprint. Through an initiative dubbed "Galaxy for the Planet," Samsung hopes to use recycled materials in all of its mobile products and to eliminate all plastics in mobile packaging by 2025.

In the meantime, the company is raising awareness with eco-friendly accessories such as the ones in this new launch. It's working on another similar launch with another reputed designer. Sellers should contact soon to secure last-minute ad dollars from promotional activities tied to these launches.

So far this year, iSpot reports Samsung has spent approximately $119m on national TV commercials, 18% more than the approximately $100.8m it spent within the same 2021 timeframe. The electronics company ended up spending approximately $278.6m on this channel last year, 54% more than the approximately $181.2m it spent in 2020. Samsung's 2022 commercials have targeted male sports enthusiasts watching shows such as the 2022 Winter OlympicsNFL FootballCollege BasketballNBA Basketball and The Bachelor.

Per Pathmatics, the company has allocated roughly $118.4m toward digital ads YTD, up 47% from the roughly $80.5m it had allocated by this point last year. Samsung's estimated full-year 2021 spend jumped 22% to $288.8m from that of $237.3m in 2020. Since the beginning of 2022, the company has earned ~13.4b digital impressions via Facebook (56%), Instagram (28%), desktop video (7%), desktop display (6%), Twitter (1%), mobile video (1%) and mobile display (1%) ads.

Additionally, Magellan shows Samsung has aired around 1.4k podcast ads within the past 12 months.

The company tends to have a wide target demographic that skews toward millennials, particularly millennial men. According to Kantar data, it also invests in radio, OOH, print and local broadcast. Sellers able to offer relevant ad space should contact sooner rather than later to do so.

Agency & martech readers - Get in touch in case Samsung is in search of project-based assistance, though for now, I see no reasons why it would conduct a formal review. The company's roster currently includes creative AOR Publicis North America, digital AOR Digitas, media AOR Starcom Worldwide and PR AOR Edelman.