Gen-Z, Millennial Digital Opps: Dashlane surpasses FY 2021 digital spend (Score 70)

Dashlane has seriously upped its digital spend over the past couple of months; sellers should get in touch soon to secure some of these increasing ad dollars.

So far this year, Pathmatics reports the B2C password manager has spent roughly $662.1k on digital ads, almost double the roughly $396.6k it spent in all of 2021. Dashlane's estimated full-year 2021 spend ($396.6k) reached less than a third of that of $1.4m in 2020, but spend has obviously picked back up. The company has earned ~59.6m digital impressions YTD via desktop display (43%), desktop video (30%), Facebook (22%), Instagram (4%) and mobile display (1%) ads. Most of this year's desktop display ads have been placed site direct onto destinations such as (12%),,, and; 99% of this year's desktop video ads have been placed site direct onto

According to iSpot, Dashlane hasn't invested in national TV since allocating around $449.5k in 2020.

The company's team has also grown; recent hires include senior performance marketing manager Casey Morrissey (January 2022) and marketing, brand and PR VP Cable Daniel-Dreyfus (February 2022).

Sellers should reach out sooner than later to offer high-ROI strategies among Gen-Z and millennials.

Agency & martech readers - We have not yet heard of any roster shifts following Dashlane's hire of CMO Dhiraj Kumar last year, so contact if you haven't yet done so already to secure potential work. Your competition includes the company's creative AOR, Lightning Orchard, which made its 2021 Super Bowl spot, as well as its media agency partner, Dentsu X.