Digital, B2B Opps: Salesloft hires marketing chief (Score 57)

Salesloft hired Lauren Vaccarello as CMO in May 2022. Vaccarello joins the company from Talend, where she held the same title. She was the customer engagement VP of Box, prior to that. Vaccarello is now responsible for the company's marketing strategy. This hire could lead to spend shifts and agency reviews, so keep Salesloft on your radar. 

According to Pathmatics, Salesloft earned 7.6m impressions in 2021 through Twitter ads (79%), desktop video ads (14%), desktop display ads (4%) and Facebook ads (3%). It placed the majority (98%) of these ads directly onto sites such as,,, and It placed the remainder (2%) through multiple indirect channels onto sites such as,,, and Full-year spend jumped from $22.6k in 2020 to $53.5k in 2021. The company has not allocated any budget towards this channel so far this year.

Sellers-- Salesloft targets businesses through digital display ads. The company started increasing spend in 2021, but it has not invested in any national marketing channels YTD. I predict Vaccarello will increase spend once she has time to implement her own strategy. She may decide to experiment with additional channels too. I advise readers to get in touch for more information so that you can offer relevant ad space.

Agency & martech readers-- I believe the only agency Salesloft works with is Kickstand Communications. Start reaching out to the new CMO soon to be top-of-mind because, as you know, a CMO hire is the number one sign of a potential agency review. Those of you with business-to-business experience may have an advantage.