B2B Media Opps: Egencia loses CMO amid digital spend increase (Score 42)

I think we have an E(mer)genciaEgenciaExpedia's corporate travel management arm, has been in search of a new CMO since Wendy White, its incumbent of three years, departed in January for the same role at TigerConnect. Since White led the team that handled Egencia's brand, product marketing, acquisition and performance, digital and ops, field marketing, client marketing and corporate communications, Expedia very well may be in need of brand-specific aid for these efforts.

So far this year, Pathmatics reports Egencia has allocated roughly $23.7k toward digital ads, more than double the roughly $90.1k it allocated within the same 2020 timeframe. The brand's estimated full-year 2020 spend of $107.7k only reached half of that of $214k in 2019. Egencia has earned around 9.1m digital impressions YTD via desktop display (99%) and mobile display (1%) ads. Most (64%) of this year's desktop display ads were placed onto yahoo.com.

Egencia's target demographic consists of business decision makers; as you can tell from its reliance on Yahoo ads and YOY increase in digital ad spend, this skews toward millennials and Gen-X decision makers. Despite Egencia's drop in spend in 2020, it's already picking back up in 2021 and should continue to do so since many travel companies are returning to higher demand due to the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Agency & martec readers - Parent company Expedia (read our most recent update here) is not currently vulnerable to review, but I encourage you to reach out to offer brand-specific work for Egencia as it seeks a new brand CMO. Expedia's roster currently consists of creative AOR Team One CA, digital AOR Publicis.Sapient WA and digital agency partner JAR Audio