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Main Telephone
(214) 217-2500
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1717 McKinney Avenue
Suite 1800
Dallas, TX 75226

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Jesse G. Chief Strategy Officer TX
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Main Phone: (214) 217-2500
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Address: 1717 McKinney Avenue
Suite 1800
Dallas, TX

Brian D. Vice President, Digital Production TX

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Score 32 - Future Possibility: The National Rifle Association switches presidents, sues AOR amid PR troubles

investigating the non-profit's finances since there have been reports of self-dealing and excessive personal spending. If those reports are true, it will be charged with abusing its tax-exempt non-profit status and face serious fines.

These financial woes has resulted in leadership shifts, too. President Oliver North was ousted after making excessive payments to an undisclosed law firm. To replace him, the company's board hired Carolyn Meadows, effective April 29. She currently serves as a chairperson of the Stone Mountain Association.

North tried to oust CEO Wayne LaPierre before he departed, but the effort was in vain as LaPierre just won re-appointment. We will let you know if we hear of any more leadership shifts.

Note that these struggles pile on top of Ackerman McQueen.

The NRA issued a breach of contract lawsuit against the indie agency mid-April, citing violated services agreements and improper billing. The lawsuit has not yet ended the 38-year relationship, but it wouldn't surprise me if the relationship were to end after the lawsuit concludes and with all the other issues at the NRA.

Since the relationship is in jeopardy, there's a chance for agency readers daring enough to get in bed with the NRA to pick up work. You can pitch to take over all of Ackerman's duties (strategic marketing, media, PR, digital, website management and the operations of digital media content platform NRATV) or singular duties. You'll want to focus pitches on helping the NRA combat its declines and PR woes.

Keep in mind that the non-profit typically uses broadcast, digital, out-of-home, print, radio, social, experiential and sponsorship (e.g., USAShoooting and Kimberly Rhode) to spread its message. These channels are decreasing, however, because of the NRA's recent struggles. 

Although the NRA's spend is decreasing, there's still a lot of revenue to secure, sellers, so reach out. The NRA typically runs ads on political media to target its demographic, which StatSocial reports is men A45+. Its top spending periods fluctuate year-to-year, so you'll likely have the best luck with year round revenue.

iSpot reports nothing has been spent on national TV YTD, a decrease from the $108,223 spent during the same timeframe of 2018. Full 2018 spend totaled $2.8m and was placed on political programming (see targeting right). Spend in 2017 totaled $3.5m.

Adbeat reports digital display over the last 12 months has totaled $263.4k, a decrease from the $736,600 spent during the 12 months prior. Ads are primarily placed via Google (55%), YouTube (31%) and Other (11%) onto sites like,,, and