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Main Telephone
(586) 574-3400
Primary Address
2000 Brush Street
Suite 601
Detroit, MI 48226

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Jari A. Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer MI
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Email: *****@*******.***
Main Phone: (586) 574-3400
Direct Phone: *** **** ***   ext: ****
Assistant Name: ** **** ***
Assistant Phone: *** **** ***
Address: 2000 Brush Street
Suite 601
Detroit, MI

Kari S. Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer MI
Kevin W. Chief Executive Officer MI
Clarence B. Chief Creative Officer, North America MI
Kyle S. Senior Vice President & Print Production Manager MI

Client Relationships

Brand Service From To Media Spend
***** AOR - creative 2014 present *
******, ***. Creative 2016 present *
******* *********** AOR - creative 2003 present *******
***** ***** & **** ******* AOR - creative 2014 present *****
******** *******, ***. creative 2014 present *

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Millennial OTT Opps: GM shifts dollars to CTV, OTT channels, plans smarter cars for the future driver (Score 74)

Since repositioning Cadillac's old CMO in General Motors (GM) is placing more dollars toward OTT advertising than ever before. CMO Wahl now allocates ~66% of the media budget toward ads on platforms such as Hulu and Roku, per AdAge.

OTT platforms play on connected TV devices such as Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Roku devices and gaming consoles; according to 10th Degree's study on connected TV and video advertising's future, millennials love OTT platforms, and this is driving marketers to increase investments in this channel. Video advertising is becoming harder to measure for a specific target audience, but platforms such as Netflix and Hulu have huge millennial client bases. This is encouraging for companies like GM; it needs to reach millennial professionals looking for nicer, more sustainably-minded vehicles with a plan to eliminate emissions from the atmosphere. GM hasn't gotten there yet, but its eye is on the future. This should also attract plenty of Gen Z post-grads, as well. This generation is a fan of streamed video and OTT.

Like many car makers these days, GM finds itself becoming more of a tech company than a purely "auto" company. Getting the attention of these younger generations through their favorite streaming platforms should help it promote futuristic car-meets-AI endeavors. GM executives painted a picture for the modern car to reporters at Cheddar; GM is reportedly no longer a "legacy" automaker, but it's rather a STEM-focused manufacturer looking to personalize cars from the moment the driver (or, perhaps soon enough, just "rider") steps in. These innovations will eventually include extreme smart cars that automatically play the right radio station, latest podcast episodes and an onboard computer that orders a coffee on one's way to the office.

View digital display (per Adbeat) and national TV (per iSpot) spending shifts below:

  Digital Display National TV
Brand January 2019 - 2020 January 2018 - 2019 Top Networks Top Publishers January 2020 FY 2019 FY 2018 Top Shows
Chevrolet $80,200,000 $23,100,000 Direct Buy ($43,600,000),,, and $41,127,233 $393,243,022 $553,204,124 Click
Buick $33,700,000 $6,900,000 Direct Buy ($16,500,000),,, and $4,679,178 $131,305,566 $152,335,883 Click
GMC $18,400,000 $8,500,000 Google ($14,000,000),,, and $15,647,927 $185,544,599 $156,228,431 Click
Cadillac $15,300,000 $7,200,000 Direct Buy ($7,500,000),,, and $6,344,188 $163,975,085 $140,070,851 Click
Total $147,600,000 $45,700,000 x x $67,798,526 $874,068,272 $1,001,839,289 x

Sellers -- The only problem for sellers is there isn't a "currency" to track consumer touch points for OTT platforms just yet. Now that you know what it's using more than digital display and traditional TV, though, you can plan to call ahead and offer space on these platforms.

Agency readers -- Offer digital consumer data tracking services to help GM target millennial professional audiences via digital display, social (if you have the means) and broadcast. If you can develop a way to measure consumer targeting accuracy via OTT platforms, you'll be GM's best friend. Not to mention, you'd be everyone's best friend, including me. Current agencies on this roster include the following, as far as we know: Campbell Ewald is creative AOR.