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Score 63 - On the Brink: Brown-Forman launches website, increases digital display spend for sole wine brand


Last month,

In a press release, Hope Helton. BF's digital marketing and e-commerce manager, said: "Our collaboration with Blackstone is the cornerstone of our upgraded e-Commerce experience for our wine lovers and club members alike. This relationship has been key to our ability to streamline an immersive shopping experience and educate our audience on what makes the Sonoma brand so special."

Per Get more information on 2017 spend here and note that spend for the year is up from $227,000 spent during the same period last year (which is what was spent for the full year, as well).

For 2016 and 2017, the summer months have been the largest spend period in this channel, so be looking for female- and foodie-focused dollars during this period in 2018. Sports Illustrated was a top ad digital destination for Sonoma in 2017, so I suppose men are also a focus (you get an ad and you get an ad and you get an ad!). Note that 2017's digital display spend is around 11% of BF's spend across its entire brand portfolio ($4.2 million YTD).

ISpot does not currently report any national TV data for the brand, but this doesn't mean it will never happen. As brand awareness increases in higher ROI channels such as digital and social, the company could decide to capitalize on momentum and begin national TV spending in the next year. Since summer is the largest spend period currently, it is most likely this would occur then, but keep in mind that budgets are still small and this could be on hold until 2019.

Agencies - a new website could be just the beginning for the wine brand, so agency readers should look for possible creative/digital work here in the future.Since Blackstone is a digital marketing agency, that work is likely a little further out, but more traditional buys down the road could lead to other agency hires. Keep the brand on your radar, especially if you have COG and alcohol experience.

average CMO tenure, he has been with BF is various positions since 1987 and is unlikely to be going anywhere other than retirement one day).

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