Media Edge: Jeep launches new campaign

Media Sales LeadJeep revved up its advertising with new ads featuring NY Yankees star Derek Jeter and his wife, Hannah Jeter. This is the next phase of Jeep's multiyear partnership with this influencer that started in October 2022. The partnership was designed to highlight the lifestyle of Jeep's Wagoneer owners, highlighting adventure, freedom, and American heritage. Made by creative agency partner Highdive, the new campaign rolled out across multiple channels such as TV, social, and digital.

Key Lead Takeaways: Digital spend recently picked up, so Jeep will likely continue spending more on this new campaign as it keeps running.

Target Demographics: Male Gen-Z and millennials

Key Spend Notes

  • Spend shift summary: After slumping, Jeep's digital spend picked up within the past quarter and will likely do the same now that it has launched a new campaign.
  • Planning period: Q2
  • Buying period: Q1

National Broadcast Analysis & Spend Breakdown:

*Note that iSpot categorizes Jeep under Vehicles: Auto Makers*

  • 2023 YTD Spend: $65.6m
  • STP 2022 Spend: $74.6m
  • 2022 FY Spend: $170.6m
  • 2021 FY Spend: $181.4m
  • 2020 FY Spend: $98.9m

Ad Flight Breakdown (by spend): So far this year, Jeep has aired 127 spots; its top five are "Bear Hunt," "Celebration Event," "Captain's Chair," "Presidents Day Sales Event," and "Start Something New Sales Event."

Top Daypart (by impressions): Primetime (997.3m)

Top Networks (by spend): FOX, CBS, NBC, Fox Deportes, and TNT

Top Shows (by spend): NFL Football, College Basketball, NBA Basketball, the 2023 US Open Golf Championship, and SportsCenter.

Top Industry/Vertical Spenders (YTD, by spend): Chevrolet (8%), Kia (7.1%), Ram Trucks (6.9%), Toyota (6.7%), and Lexus (6.6%)

Digital Display & Social Media Spend Analysis & Breakdown:

*Note that Pathmatics categorizes Jeep under Auto*

  • 2023 YTD Spend: $4.7m
  • STP 2022 Spend: $13.3m
  • 2022 FY Spend: $35.5
  • 2021 FY Spend: $23m
  • 2020 FY Spend: $30.5m

YTD Ad Flight Breakdown:

  • Q2 2023 Spend (to date): $3.1m
  • Q1 2023 Spend: $1.6m
  • Q1 2022 Spend: $4.9m
  • Q2 2022 Spend: $9.5m
  • Q3 2022 Spend: $14.6m
  • Q4 2022 Spend: $7m

YTD Impressions: 668,340,400

Top Ad Types: Facebook (37%), YouTube (23%), and Instagram (19%)

Top Purchase Channels: Direct (91%)

Top Publishers: Facebook (37%), YouTube (23%), and Instagram (19%)

Top Industry/Vertical Spenders (YTD, by spend): Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Chevrolet, and Infiniti

Top Creative by Spend; see below: (note that not all creatives debuted in 2023).

Other Media Spend Analysis & Breakdown:

Vivvix: Google Ads along with radio, digital, local broadcast, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and online video (primarily via ads

Top Sponsored Podcasts: The Bobby Bones Show, Real Ghost Stories Online, The Viall Files, Mind Pump, and Success Story.


  • Short-form ads
  • Extremely highly concentrated network TV coverage
  • Will not likely launch a new campaign soon

Current Sponsorships/Partnerships: The Detroit Pistons

Influencers & Brand Ambassadors: Derek Jeter and Hannah Jeter

2022-2023 Key Hires

  • Christina Ibrahim: Manager, global marketing (hired November 2022)

Current Agency Roster

Insight Sources: Broadcast insights estimated by iSpot; digital spend insights estimated by Pathmatics; additional channel insights estimated by Vivvix; podcast insights by Podchaser; DRTV insights by Media Analytics; sponsorship insights by Relo Metrics.