Media Edge: Cointreau launches campaign with Aubrey Plaza

Media Sales LeadCointreau recently launched its largest US advertising campaign to date, in which it teamed up with a new influencer partner, Aubrey Plaza. Made by agency Edisen - U.S., "Make Your Margarita, MargaRight" shows how key the iconic orange liqueur is to a fun summer. Edisen handled strategy, consumer insights, conceptualizing, scripting, production, and print. This is the first time the agency has worked with Cointreau on a creative campaign project. The campaign rolled out across connected TV (CTV), digital, and social channels.

Key Lead Takeaways: Cointreau will likely pursue additional influencer partnerships and, considering this is its largest campaign so far, will likely continue increasing spend.

Target Demographics: Gen-Z and millennials with a strong female skew

Key Spend Notes

  • Spend shift summary: Spend has been on the rise over the past several months and will likely continue to increase.

Digital Display & Social Media Spend Analysis & Breakdown:

*Note that Pathmatics categorizes Cointreau under Liqueurs & Cordials*

  • 2023 YTD Spend: $1.9m
  • STP 2022 Spend: $1.1m
  • 2022 FY Spend: $3.2m
  • 2021 FY Spend: $3.4m
  • 2020 FY Spend: $2.1m

YTD YOY Spend Increase: 73%

YTD Ad Flight Breakdown:

  • Q2 2023 Spend (to date): $810.7k
  • Q1 2023 Spend: $1.1m
  • Q1 2022 Spend: $484.6k
  • Q2 2022 Spend: $4.2k
  • Q3 2022 Spend: $956.1k
  • Q4 2022 Spend: $1.1m

YTD Impressions: 218,563,400

Top Ad Types: Facebook (44%) and YouTube (36%)

Top Purchase Channels: Direct (99%)

Top Publishers: Facebook (44%) and YouTube (36%)

Top Industry/Vertical Spenders (YTD, by spend): Diageo, Remy Cointreau, Campari, Bacardi, Mast-Gagermeister, Pernod Ricard, and ILLVA SARONNO

Top Creative by Spend; see below: (note that not all creatives debuted in 2023).

Other Media Spend Analysis & Breakdown:

Vivvix: Google Ads along with Facebook, Instagram, and online video (via ads

Social Demographics: Women, especially those aged 35-54

Influencers & Brand Ambassadors: Aubrey Plaza

Current Agency Roster

  • Edisen: Creative agency partner (at least for this campaign project)
  • View parent company Remy Cointreau's full roster here.

Insight Sources: Digital spend insights estimated by Pathmatics; additional channel insights estimated by Vivvix; audience insights by StatSocial.