Female Millennial, Gen-X Opps: Grove Collaborative doubles its retail presence with new partnership (Score 80)

Sales Lead: Grove Collaborative (GC) recently established a partnership with CVS that doubled its retail presence.

  • Consumers can now buy GC's products at over 2k CVS brick-and-mortars and on CVS's site.
  • Since retail makes up 90% of the product categories in which GC operates, retail is critical to its omni-channel strategy.
  • This move is hoped to bolster awareness of GC's sustainably packaged products.
  • The company's products can also be found in retailers such as Target, Kohl's, Meijer, and Giant Eagle.
  • The company is likely to:
    • Seek additional potential retail distribution partners
    • Keep working to build brand awareness
    • Continue increasing TV spend
    • Seek new agency partners as a result of last year's CMO hire (more below)
  • Target demographic
    • Millennial and Gen-X women

Recent leadership shifts:

  • GC's team also grew this year with the appointment of paid social performance marketing manager Chelsea Olle.

Additional spending insights:

  • Broadcast insights (TV ad creative spend, effectiveness, impressions, and performance)
    • YTD spend: GC has allocated roughly $7.2m toward national TV commercials YTD, more than double the roughly $2.8m allocated by this point last year.
    • Last year: The company allocated around $4.1m toward this channel last year after not having utilized it in 2020.
    • 2022 ad programming: GC's 2022 commercials have targeted Gen-X watching shows such as Friends, Dateline, The Golden Girls, NCIS: New Orleans, and The Drew Barrymore Show.
  • Digital and social insights (digital ad spend, effectiveness, impressions, and performance)
    • YTD spend: So far this year, the company has spent roughly $15.5m on digital ads, only about half of the roughly $28.3m spent within the same 2021 timeframe.
    • YTD data: GC has earned ~1.5b digital impressions YTD via desktop video (35%), Instagram (34%), and Facebook (30%) ads.
      • Top site destinations for this year's desktop video ads include cnn.com, craigslist.com, youtube.com, gamespot.com, and cnet.com.
    • Last year: In 2021, the company's estimated full-year 2021 spend of $34.6m reached 4x that of $7.6m in 2020.
  • Additional channel insights  
    • GC has also worked to build more brand awareness by working with influencers such as Drew Barrymore.

Additional agency insights:

  • Opportunity: Contact soon to offer PR and/or media services.
    • We still haven't heard of any roster shifts since GC appointed CMO Jennie Perry last year, so reviews could still follow her hire.
  • Current agency roster:

Insight Sources: Broadcast insights estimated by iSpot; digital spend insights estimated by Pathmatics.