Miami City Ballet completes CMO search (Score 61)

Opportunity: This is a great time to reach out to this organization as CMO hires commonly lead to higher ad spending and agency appointments. 

  • Miami City Ballet (MCB) completed the CMO search we told you about in March 2022
  • The organization selected Chantell Ghosh as its new marketing chief in July. 
  • Ghosh has been tasked with bolstering MCB's audience and implementing a digital transformation. 
  • She most recently served as past chair for Explore Edmonton. 

MCB's target demographic:

  • Gen-X/millennial parents with children interested in ballet (MCB School)
  • Ballet/cultural arts enthusiasts in the Miami area 

MCB is likely to:

  • Resume digital marketing activities 
  • Try additional marketing channels
  • Seek agency partners (PR, creative, media, & digital)

Digital and social insights (digital ad effectiveness, impressions, and performance)

  • YTD spend: MCB has not allocated any budget toward digital display ads since 2020. 
  • Full-year spend: MCB spent $59.9k in this channel in 2020. 
  • 2020 data: 3.1m impressions through desktop display (98%) and mobile display (2%). 
  • Ad location: It placed 91% of these ads directly onto sites such as,,, and It placed 9% of these ads indirectly through GoogleAdX+AdSense and Drawbridge onto sites such as,,,, and 

Agency insights:

  • MCB does not have any agency partners at this time.

Resources: digital spend insights estimated by Pathmatics