Gen-Z Opps: OZY taps new top marketer (Score 57)

OZY assigned its top marketing role, that of marketing VP, to Courtney Matthews in June 2022. Matthews joined the company from Outside, where she served as a senior sales strategy director. She will help drive OZY's brand refresh, collaborating with its content and revenue teams to accelerate growth. Her hire will directly impact OZY's strategy, so keep an eye out for higher spend and/or agency reviews.

According to Pathmatics, the premium media and entertainment platform has spent approximately $20.4k on digital ads, a significant decrease from the approximately $311.9k spent by this point last year. In 2021, OZY ended up spending approximately $400.2k on this channel, 7% less than the approximately $429.1k spent in 2020. So far this year, the company has earned around 2.7m digital impressions via Instagram (61%), Facebook (27%) and Twitter (11%) ads. 

As you can tell by OZY's reliance on paid socials, it's primarily targeting Gen-Z right now. Its lower spend could be due to lower-than-desired ROI, so sellers should contact soon to offer ways to optimize ROI.

Agency & martech readers - As I briefly mentioned, this hire could also lead to agency reviews. Get in touch sooner rather than later to be top-of-mind.