Gen-Z, Millennial Media Opps: Coursera hires marketing DM amid national TV spend increases (Score 42)

Coursera appointed Scott Cederbaum as VP and global CMO of degrees in July 2022. Cederbaum joins Coursera from INE, where he served as CMO for about a year and a half. He was the digital transformation and data science VP of Iovate Health Sciences International prior to that. This hire could lead to spend shifts as well as agency appointments, so keep an eye on Coursera. We told you about the company's most recent campaign in February

Per iSpot, Coursera spent $4.3m on national TV ads YTD, a significant (71%) increase from $2.4m spent in this channel during the same time period of 2021. Full-year spend increased by 8% from $6m in 2020 to $6.5m in 2021. This year, it placed ads during programming such as Family Guy, Frasier, Ancient Aliens, Bob's Burgers and Murder, She Wrote

According to Pathmatics, Coursera earned 154.5m impressions YTD through Instagram ads (59%), Facebook ads (37%), desktop video ads (3%) and desktop display ads (1%). It placed the majority (99%) of these ads directly onto sites such as,,, and It placed the remainder (1%) indirectly through Google AdX+AdSense onto sites such as,, and It spent approximately $1.2m on digital display ads YTD, the same amount it spent in this channel during the same time period of 2021. Full-year spend fell by 16% from $2.4m in 2020 to $2m in 2021. 

Sellers-- Coursera mainly targets Gen-Z and millennials looking to finish their education or return to school. It reaches these demographics through digital display and national TV ads. The company increased national TV spend slightly in 2021, then it started ramping spend up aggressively earlier this year. Meanwhile, it decreased digital spend slightly in 2021, but YTD spend is equal to the amount it spent during the same time period of 2021. I see no reason to believe it will decrease spend any time soon, so reach out to score some of these extra ad dollars. 

Agency & martech readers-- Coursera looks like a great opportunity for you all because it is not currently working with any agency partners. I recommend offering PR/communications assistance because these are the most common initial agency appointments. Be sure to include any online education experience you may have in your pitches. Get in touch with Cederbaum soon to be top-of-mind.