Millennial Opps: Jackson Hole Tourism retains AOR (Score 51)

Jackson Hole Tourism (JHT) recently concluded a review by retaining Colle McVoy as AOR; the agency will continue leading brand strategy, creative, design, media planning/buying and influencer marketing. The organization recently launched a new destination management plan and campaign for 2022 that are centered around sustainability and protecting Jackson Hole's natural resources. Sellers should get in touch to secure last-minute ad dollars from the new campaign, and agencies should get in touch to be top-of-mind in case JHT seeks a new PR partner.

JHT's been increasing efforts to focus on enhancing the quality of the community's life while pushing sustainable travel. The new campaign comes at a time when Jackson Hole and surrounding parks are experiencing record-breaking tourism crowds, at least partially due to consumers' post-pandemic return to travel.

Per Pathmatics, JHT has spent roughly $66.3k on digital ads YTD, down 18% from the roughly $80.6k it spent within the past 12 months. In 2021, the organization's estimated full-year spend of $318.4k reached almost double that of the $165.6k in 2020. So far this year, JHT has earned around 7.5m digital impressions, 100% via Facebook ads.

Hopefully, spend will pick back up soon in support of the new campaign. Kantar data reports the organization also utilizes OOH. Its target demographic typically skews toward millennials. Of course, since millennials tend to be more likely than others to invest in eco-friendly organizations (more here), JHT's renewed focus on sustainability will appeal to this generation.

Agency & martech readers - As I briefly mentioned, you may have a shot at securing PR work now that this review has concluded.