Decision Makers on the Move Recap: Week of May 16 - 20, 2022

Below is a compilation of WinmoEdge's top decision makers on the move published during the previous week. 

Why is it important to track decision makers? DM shifts, especially new hires and first-time CMOs, are the top new business trigger for agency changes, media spending shifts and new martech investments. New DMs tend to evaluate changes in these areas and start making changes within a 3-12 month window. 

All of our decision maker shift reports can also be accessed under “Industry Analysis” and  “Agency Opportunities" within “Prospecting Triggers,” once it moves off the front page of the site.

Access the list of new DMs we have found this week here. Use the tab at the bottom to see DM vacancies we have found as well. To access the 2022 YTD list click here.