B2B Media Opps: Pantheon CMO shares details about current strategy

Christy Marble, the CMO of Pantheon, recently revealed some details regarding the company's current data-driven marketing strategy. With her guidance, Pantheon focuses on finding innovative ways to connect with, engage and delight customers; it values human return on investment, HROI, in order to utilize analytics to help people feel good when interacting with Pantheon. Marble references an ongoing era of digital marketing in which "brand and consumer experience are intrinsically linked," which leads me to believe Pantheon is starting to focus more on digital channels.

According to Pathmatics, the company has spent approximately $66.9k on digital ads YTD, only around a third of the approximately $204.8k spent within the same 2021 timeframe. In 2021, Pantheon's estimated full-year spend of $400.9k marked an 11% decline from that of the $448.1k in 2020. So far this year, the company has earned around 7.6m digital impressions via Facebook (83%), desktop display (12%) and Instagram (5%) ads. Pantheon has placed the majority of this year's desktop video ads site direct onto destinations such as autoblog.com (13%), evite.com, wsj.com, advfn.com and fool.com.

Since Pathmatics doesn't currently reflect a heightened focus on digital channels, the company may be investing more in other digital channels. Pantheon targets marketing and development teams in search of ways to take control of their websites. Thus, sellers should contact soon to offer high-ROI B2B strategies.

Agency & martech readers - Keep Pantheon on your radar for future project-based work; right now, I don't see major signs of imminent agency reviews.