Campaign Imminent: Miami City Ballet searches for CMO to lead upcoming initiative (Score 45)

Miami City Ballet (MCB) is seeking a new CMO to support a new Transforming Lives campaign, the first step into "a bold new era"; the new work is expected to be completed by April 2022. The new CMO's responsibilities will include internal duties such s the cultivation and stewardships of funders, sponsors and partners, and their external duties include working with areas such as the public, members, donors, partners, the media and agencies. Keep MCB on your radar, folks. This new CMO will replace Julii Oh, who joined as the company's first CMO in 2018 and departed in 2021 for an interim CMO and CBO role at San Francisco Ballet..

According to Pathmatics, the company hasn't utilized digital channels since spending around $59.7k in 2020. In 2020, it ended up earning around 3.1m digital impressions via desktop display (99%) and mobile display (1%) ads placed onto site destinations such as (91%),,, and

I expect MCB to return to heavier ad spend with the upcoming campaign launch, so get in touch soon to see what it's got in store for the next couple of months. The company tends to target parents, especially moms. It probably also utilizes localized advertising in and around FL.

Agency & martech readers - As I briefly mentioned, the new CMO will work directly with MCB's agency partners, which could mean agency reviews. Get in touch to be top-of-mind when the company finds a replacement for Oh.