Millennial Gamer Opps: Bungie to be acquired by Sony for $3.6b (Score 24)

Bungie, the video game brand behind Halo and Destiny, is making a jump - a Bungie jump? - with an upcoming acquisition by Sony Corporation of America for $3.6b. Bungie will, however, still operate as an "independent subsidiary," retaining the freedom as a multiplatform to "self-publish and reach players where they choose to play."

According to Pathmatics, Bungie spent roughly $767.1k on digital ads in 2021, a notable decline from the roughly $3.4m it spent in 2020. In 2021, the brand earned around 99.8m digital impressions via desktop display (66%), desktop video (24%), mobile display (8%) and Twitter (2%) ads. Most of last year's digital display ads were placed site direct onto destinations such as (23%),,, and

Hopefully, spend will pick back up once the acquisition allows more financial freedom; in the meantime, Bungie may need higher-ROI strategies. Obviously, Bungie targets gamers in general; while most gamers have traditionally been gamers, women have become more and more involved in the community as well. It especially targets millennials.

Agency & martech readers - Bungie may work with Sony's agency partners, but since Bungie will remain mostly independent, I doubt it. Keep the brand on your radar for work down the road.