Gen-X, Millennial Media Opps: Priceline launches campaign (Score 21)

Priceline just launched a new brand campaign starring actress Kaley Cuoco.The push will be supported across broadcast TV, podcasts and online. It worked with creative shop Dentsu and media AOR Ocean Media on the campaign. 

According to Pathmatics, Priceline earned 380.8m impressions in 2021 through desktop video ads (84%), Instagram ads (6%), desktop display ads (5%), mobile display ads (2%) and Facebook ads (2%). It placed the majority (90%) of these ads site direct onto sites such as,,, and It placed the remainder (10%) through a variety of indirect channels onto sites such as,,, and It spent approximately $5.3m on digital display ads in 2021, a 22% decrease from $6.4m spent in this channel in 2020. YTD spend equals $97.4k, a 68% increase from $57.9k spent in this channel during the same time period of 2021. 

Magellan reports Priceline placed around 320 podcast ads over the last 365 days. 

Per iSpot, Priceline spent around $32.3m on national TV ads in 2021, a huge jump from $9.3m spent in this channel during 2020. It spent $233.4 YTD, a 14% increase from the $204.5k spent in this channel during the same time period of 2021. In 2021, it placed ads during programming such as "The Andy Griffith Show," "Two and a Half Men," "Friends," "Special Report With Bret Baier" and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." 

Sellers-- Priceline mainly targets Gen-X and millennials with a male skew. It reaches these demographics through digital display and national TV ads. In 2021, the brand drastically increased national TV spend, while it lowered digital spend. Whereas so far this year, it has increased spend in both channels. Priceline also invests in radio and local broadcast TV ads, per Kantar. Sellers should reach out to offer last-minute campaign ad space. 

Agency & martech readers-- To the best of my knowledge, Ocean Media (media AOR) and DentsuOne (creative) are the only two agencies that Priceline works with. You can try offering digital or social media assistance for the best chance of picking up any of this brand's work.