Digital Healthcare Opps: Atlantic Health System hires CMO (Score 50)

Atlantic Health System (AHS) appointed Eric Steinberger as CMO, effective February 2022. Steinberger spent the last seven years as Bed Bath & Beyond's CMO. In his new role, Steinberger will be responsible for improving and modernizing the system's marketing strategy, as well as, improving brand awareness. This h

According to Pathmatics, AHS earned 3.7m impressions YTD through Facebook ads (41%), desktop display ads (39%), mobile display ads (18%) and Instagram ads (2%). It placed the majority (55%) of these ads site direct onto sites such as,,, and It placed the remainder (45%) of these ads indirectly through Google AdX+AdSense onto sites such as,,, and It spent about $26.4k on digital display ads YTD, a 53% decrease from $56.7k spent in this channel during the same time period of 2021. Full-year spend fell 24% from $238.2k in 2020 to $179.9k in 2021. 

Sellers-- AHS has a digital-first marketing strategy, which leads me to believe its target audience consists of millennials and under. It decreased spend in 2021, but I predict the new CMO will reverse this trend in 2022. AHS also invests in OOH, print and local broadcast TV ads, per Kantar. Reach out to Steinberger for more information because he may experiment with other marketing channels. 

Agency & martech readers-- To the best of my knowledge, AHS is not currently working with any agency partners at this time. I advise readers to start contacting the new CMO soon in order to be top-of-mind because he may decide to outsource some of his duties. Those of you with healthcare experience may have an advantage.