Millennial, Gen-X Opps: Lion's Den launches holiday campaign as spent skyrockets

Lion’s Den (LD) recently launched a seasonal campaign showing that no one is too old for toys; adults need them, too. Made by agency Fancy and dubbed "Holiday Vibes," the ad is part of the personal pleasure brand's ongoing campaign narrative, "Do It. Every Day." This campaign has included two prior spots and will likely continue seeing ad launches throughout the coming months. Sellers should get in touch soon to secure last-minute ad dollars.

According to Adbeat, LD has spent around $997.3k on digital display since November 2021, which was the first time it had invested in this channel since spending around $6.9k in 2020. So far this year, most (98%) of LD's spend has gone toward programmatic ads placed via Google Display onto

The company tends to target millennials and Gen-X, so sellers able to offer high-ROI strategies among this audience will have an upper hand securing ad dollars. It also utilizes email, social media and SMS campaigns, and it promotes its e-Commerce site, brick-and-mortars and loyalty program. I expect LD also invests in localized ad dollars, especially in the Midwest and Southeast (this is why I've tagged both regions to this article); view store locations here.

Agency & martech readers - LD is clearly open to working with outside agencies, so consider it for potential PR, media and/or digital analytics work down the road. For now, keep it on your radar for project-based work.