BIPOC Female Opps: Kinlo launches new products, first campaign

Kinlo recently debuted a new branding campaign. Developed by agency partner Kin, "The Way We Glow" promotes conversations about the importance of sunscreen for people with melanated skin. It advertises Kinlo's plant-based face and body oils launched, which on December 15 and are largely advertised as designed for women. The company was made by tennis star Naomi Osaka, who is featured in Kilo's ad along with other fitness enthusiasts. Sellers should get in touch soon to secure potential ad dollars. Kinlo will likely continue promoting its skincare through the upcoming summer months, where the need for it is at its highest.

Many believe misinformaton that says that suncare isn't essential for BIPOC communities, and it's often challenging to find good skincare for their skin's needs. Most manufactured products leave a whitecast. According to Kin, the mortality rate for Black Americans with melanoma is 3x higher than that for white Americans since in Black Americans, it's usually discovered at more advanced stages.

Of course, due to the newness of Kinlo's campaign, it has no advertising spend data on iSpot or Pathmatics yet, but we'll let you know if and when that changes. Sellers able to offer high-ROI strategies among women will have an advantage securing ad dollars here.

Agency & martech readers - Kinlo's creative is obviously set up for now. Keep the company on your radar for potential PR, media and/or digital analytics down the road, but for the more immediate future, you'd probably benefit more from offering project-based work.

Vanessa Motley Coleman
Vice President, Digital