Female Gen-Z Opps: Popshelf starts investing in digital ads, increases spend exponentially

Popshelf, a quickly-growing discount retail chain, made its foray into digital advertising in 2020; since then, spend has picked up serious speed and currently shows no signs of slowing down. I suggest sellers get in touch to secure some of these increasing ad dollars.

According to Pathmatics, Popshelf ended up spending around $253.9k on digital ads by the end of 2020, and it's already spent around $4.8m YTD in 2021. So far this year, the company has earned ~536.6m digital impressions via Facebook (86%) and Instagram (14%) ads.

As you can tell by Popshelf's skyrocketing digital spend and reliance on paid social, it's primarily targeting Gen-Z at this point. To reach this digitally oriented audience even more effective, leadership may consider starting to invest in additional digital channels such as OTT and/or podcast. Popshelf's target demographic also consists primarily of women. As I briefly mentioned, the company primarily works as an eCommerce site, but its retail footprint is also expanding quickly. Since all of Popshelf's brick-and-mortars are in TN, GA, NC, SC and AL, the company probably also utilizes localized advertising in the SE. Sellers should get in touch if able to offer relevant ad space.

Agency & martech readers - Popshelf may conduct agency reviews down the road, especially as it continues pursuing rapid growth, but for now, you'd likely benefit from offering project-based work. Emerging brands often seek PR assistance to cultivate brand awareness before seeking creative, media, digital and/or social media AORs. Those abe to differentiate Popshelf from competitor Five Below will have an upper hand. Both of these companies offer goods $5 and under, but while Popshelf tends to target young adults, Five Below is geared more toward kids.