Male Millennial Opps: Allstate's spend increases significantly

Insurance group Allstate has seriously increased spend recently. Keep this company on your radar, readers.

So far this year, Pathmatics reports the company has allocated roughly $60.8m on digital ads, up 6% from the roughly $57.5m it spent in all of 2020. Allstate's estimated full-year 2020 spend ($57.5m) reached 50% more than that of $38.3m in 2019. It has earned around 7.9b digital impressions YTD via Facebook (34%), Instagram (20%), desktop display (19%), desktop video (13%), Twitter (8%), mobile video (3%) and mobile display (3%) ads.

According to iSpot, Allstate has spent approximately $326.6m on national TV commercials YTD, up 37% from the approximately $237.9m it had spent by this point last year. The company ended up spending approximately $302.8m on this channel last year, up 13% from the approximately $268.6m it spent in 2019. Allstate's 2021 commercials have targeted male sports enthusiasts watching programs such as College Football, NFL Football, College Basketball, NBA Basketball and MLB Baseball.

Additionally, Magellan shows the company has aired 112 podcast ads YTD.

Allstate is primarily targeting millennials, especially men, right now. Per Kantar data, the company also invests in print, radio, OOH and local broadcast. It additionally utilizes email marketing. Sellers able to offer relevant ad space should get in touch soon to secure some of these increasing ad dollars.

Agency & martech readers - Allstate's AOR duties may be in good hands (you're welcome) right now, but you may be able to secure project-based work down the road. The company currently works with creative and social AOR Droga5 and media AOR Starcom IL. It also receives multi-cultural assistance from Lapiz and PR assistance from Taylor NC.