Tourism Opps: Bermuda Tourism launches campaign in partnership with Visit Fort Lauderdale

Bermuda Department of Tourism signed a two-year deal with Visit Fort Lauderdale to launch the "Go Where the Yachts Go" campaign. This is an ideal partnership for both parties because they have different peak seasons; Fort Lauderdale's peak season is November through April, while Bermuda's is May through October. The campaign will focus on promoting the Bermuda Grand Prix and the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. It will also suggest travelers at one location to visit the other one next. Bermuda believes teaming up with Fort Lauderdale will aid recovery after the coronavirus pandemic devastated the travel industry. This campaign should lead to extra ad spend, so SE sellers should keep an eye out. 

Per Pathmatics, Bermuda earned 6m impressions YTD through Facebook ads (61%), mobile display ads (19%), desktop display ads (16%) and desktop video ads (4%). It placed the majority (89%) of these ads site direct onto sites such as,,, and It placed the remainder (11%) through a variety of indirect channels onto sites such as,,, and It spent around $42.5k on digital display ads so far this year, just 17% of the $253.7k spent in this channel during the same time period of 2020. Full-year spend dropped significantly from $2.2m in 2019 to $635.5k in 2020. 

According to iSpot, Bermuda has only spent around $886 on national TV ads YTD, down from $9.3k spent in this channel during the same time period of 2020. Full-year spend totaled $482k in 2020, a 107% increase from $233.4k in 2019. In 2020, it placed ads during programming such as "PGA Tour Golf," "ATP Tennis," "2020 Tour Championship," "ATP/WTA Tennis" and "NFL Live." 

Sellers-- Bermuda seems to mainly target affluent Gen-X and millennials with a male skew. Traditionally it has reached these demographics through digital display and national TV ads. The organization's TV spend has been sporadic, and digital spend has been decreasing. I predict it will increase spend in both channels as Covid-19 related travel restrictions ease up. It also invests in OOH, print, and local broadcast TV ads, per Kantar. Sellers should start reaching out to secure possible extra campaign ad dollars. 

Agency & martech readers-- I believe the only agency Bermuda works with is PR AOR Turner Public Relations. I do not see any signs pointing to a potential review any time soon. You will likely have better luck looking for work elsewhere.