Gen-Z, Millennial Media Opps: Chipotle partners with e.l.f on a cosmetics line

Remember Chipotle's holiday-themed clothing line we told you about late last year? The chain now has a limited edition cosmetics line through a partnership with e.l.f.. The line, dubbed e.l.f x Chipotle, debuted March 10th and features a Chipotle Eyeshadow Palette, Make It Hot plumping lip gloss, Extra Guac Face Sponge Set and Eyes Chips Face Makeup Bag. The line is made completely from cruelty-free and vegan components, which should appeal to its Gen-Z and millennial consumer base. Chipotle will support the line with a vegan entree called the Eyes. Chips. Face. Bowl. 

According to iSpot, Chipotle spent $32.7m on national TV ads YTD, a 69% jump from $10.2m spent during the same time period of 2020. Full-year spend equaled $78.3m in 2020, a 11% increase from $69.3m in 2019. This year, it placed ads during "NFL Football," "College Football," "NBA Basketball," "CFP National Championship" and "College Football." 

Magellan reports Chipotle placed about 110 podcast ads over the last year. 

Per Pathmatics, Chipotle earned 822.2m impressions YTD through Instagram ads (50%), Facebook ads (26%), desktop video ads (16%), desktop display ads (4%) and Twitter ads (4%). It placed the majority (97%) of these ads site direct onto sites such as,,, and It placed the remainder (3%) through a variety of indirect channels onto sites such as,,, and It spent around $5.8m on digital display ads YTD, a 60% increase from $2.1m spent during the same time period of 2020. Full-year spend totaled $23.7m in 2020, a 65% increase from $8.6m spent in 2019. 

Sellers-- Chipotle mainly targets Gen-Z and millennials with a heavy male skew. It mainly utilizes digital display and national TV ads, and has been increasing spend in both channels. The chain also invests in radio and local broadcast TV ads, per Kantar. Chipotle will likely spend a little extra to promote the cosmetics line. Sellers should reach out offering ad space to secure some of these ad dollars. 

Agency & martech readers-- The only agency Chipotle works with is Venables Bell & Partners on creative. There are no glaring triggers indicating a review may be on the horizon. You will probably have better luck looking for other opportunities.