B2B & Momvertising Opps: National 4-H Council taps new CMO amid significant ad spend increases (Score 61)

National 4-H Council recently selected Ivan Heredia as its CMO. In his most recent role as the marketing and brand engagement VP at Walt Disney, Heredia oversaw all Disney Channels Worldwide brand engagement. His accomplishments included leading the revitalization of the Radio Disney brand, which encompassed music's biggest family event, the Radio Disney Music Awards. Heredia will now lead all of 4-H's marketing efforts, focusing on supporting brand recognition, revenue and innovation. He will initially focus on growing the organization's eCommerce and digital platforms.

Artis Stevens, 4-H's incumbent CMO of over six years, departed at the end of 2020 for the role of president and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

In 2020, 4-H's TV commercials targeted women, according to iSpot, viewing programs such as Pac-12 After Dark, Paid Programming, College Basketball, Pac-12 Football in 60 and Women's College Basketball. The organization's full-year spend rose exponentially to roughly $35.8k in 2020 from that of roughly $2.1k

Pathmatics reports 4-H's digital ad spend is already on the rise in 2021; so far this year, it has allocated approximately $34.7k toward this channel, a third of the approximately $1m it allocated in all of 2020. In 2021, it has earned around 5.6m digital impressions from Facebook (90%) and desktop display (10%) ads.

4-H's TV commercials target millennial and Gen-X moms, but its digital ads also target Gen-Z moms. Its increased spend on both these channels reflects an increased focus on reaching all of these generations. 4-H is also building partnerships with nonprofit and corporate partners that connect thought leaders such as celebrities and influencers with young people. The organization also invests in print and OOH.

Agency & martech readers - Get in touch to see what, if any, partnerships have become available as a result of 4-H's recent CMO hire. The organization currently works with Big River